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COMING SOON...A New Douglas Boyd Services website. 

This site is now under re-construction and being updated.

A few words of explanation.  For the past many years this website has worked hand in hand and reflected development, evolution and progress of my small Graphic Service business, Douglas Boyd Services.  At the beginning of the 2013 year I entered more formally "semi retirement" whatever that really means to a self employed person!  Therefore I felt my website should move on to a new phase of life too. 

Realistically, the greatest change has come because I have greatly reduced my commercial graphic work and I am basically focusing more on the Calligraphic/Lettering Services aspect.  Therefore this new website will reflect more of this effort.

I am working through various aspects and as I make the appropriate changes I am bringing them on line.

Check back again and again if you can. I will make an effort to show accurately the correct update date in the border banner below.

Thank you, Douglas Boyd

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Site updated: October 1,2013